What does harry potter series tell us nature of rebellion


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1. ‘The cult of celebrity is nothing new; it is the rise of social media that has made all the difference.' Discuss this statement.

2. Segregation, assimilation, integration - which comes closest to describing the attitude of successive British governments towards immigration in the past twenty-five years?

3. Choose one cultural genre or theme; and say how your choice has contributed to the development of the national identity of a country of your choice.

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1. ‘Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have' (Hermione Granger).

Discuss the significance of emotion and emotional intelligence in the Harry Potter books.

2. What does the Harry Potter series tell us about the nature of rebellion?

3. How accurate is Steve Norris when he says that the Harry Potter films are ‘culturally British'?

4. How does the Harry Potter series deepen our understanding of family values?

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