What can we all learn from what you shared

Marketing assignement

Your response should be approximately 150-200 words AND include a video or photo.

This post is worth 30 points. Please take the time to formulate a thoughtful/specific response as the points you are awarded are reflective of the level of detail and care you put into your response. For example, points will be deducted if you provide a two-sentence response that does not address the specific question.

Please post any questions under the weekly question thread located in the ANNOUNCEMENTS folder.
Task: In your everyday routine. Find an example of 'Marketing in Action'. Use your imagination here.....

1.) Memorialize your 'Marketing in Action' experience by posting a picture or video of your example. It can be a picture of a billboard, a video from Youtube, picture of a product in a store, picture of direct mail, your own video presenting your example etc. (no limitations so please be creative)

2.) Share the picture attachment or video with the class by responding to this thread

3.) Explain why you selected this as your marketing in action example

4.) What can we all learn from what you shared? Was what you shared effective or not? Explain.

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Marketing Management: What can we all learn from what you shared
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