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  Uncontrollable factors which affect marketing environment  

Quetsion1. What are the distinguishing silent characteristics of services?

Question2. Write a article on any four uncontrollable factors which affect marketing environment?

Question3. Suggest relevant marketing mix elements for the Deccan Airline?

Quetsion4. How will you draft the sales policy for the following three products?

(a) Personal Computer

(b) Water Purifier

(c) A New Marketing Journal.

Quetsion5. Briefly describe the principles of the wage administration?

Question6. What are the aims of performance appraisal?

Question7. Describe the significance of collective bargaining?

Question8. Review the progress of participative management?

Question9. Describe and elucidate with proper instance how political environment of the nation affects companies.

Question10. Describe the Problems in the Research.

Question11. What is the purpose of the Pilot study?

Question12. Differentiate Census from Sampling.

Question13. Construct the detailed questionnaire to appraise the consumer’s attitude towards readymade garments.

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