Types of philosophical reasoning and moral theories

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Details: Some BSSL employees have opposed proposed changes in FCC regulations that will allow for more mergers overall in the print media and TV industry, permitting consolidation of up to 45% control in a geographic market prior to the FCC prohibiting further consolidation of media assets. The Editor of Consumer Reports magazine has recently wrote that "free TV and pay TV are completely intertwined. A handful of corporations own and control the vast majority of both." The public relations and lobbying team of the first tier media giants - GE, AOL/Time Warner, Viacom, and Walt Disney Co. - have requested we support the FCC's recommended changes in Congress.

Discuss the legal and ethical implications of the ongoing debate and take a position as to whether the changes should be allowed and would they benefit BSSL.

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Objective: Explore various types of philosophical reasoning and moral theories.

Use effective communication techniques.

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Other Management: Types of philosophical reasoning and moral theories
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