Transformational leadership


Transformational leadership term can be expressed as a approach on each individual that changes them with motivation and inspiration taking the initiative and implementing leadership qualities in them. It changes the person with positive development and changes them into leaders. This generally enhances the motivation, performance and way of thinking in different ways. These type of leadership qualities will inspire the people who are listening and they stand as role model for followers and they inspire the followers with their leadership qualities. The leaders will align followers with task that will optimize their performance. The transforming approach creates significant change in the life of people and organizations. It redesigns perceptions and values, and changes expectations and aspirations of employees. Transforming leaders are idealized in the sense that they are a moral exemplar of working towards the benefit of the team, organization and/or community. This transformational leadership will be measured how it motivates and improves the performance of followers. The leader brings trust, admiration and loyalty to the followers and because of this the leaders are expected more than the original expected. This is because the leaders will offer followers something new more than just working. They give the inspiration and mission to the followers and give them the identity of leadership. The leader motivates through different ideas. The followers are encouraged to come up with new ideas and unique ways to face the challenges. The leadership and followers develop a challenging and attractive vision and try for the achievement of the vision. This is the main quality of a leadership.

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Business Management: Transformational leadership
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