Theories of corporate responsibility


Part 1

Theories of corporate responsibility would suggest that sustainability in the 21st Century can only be satisfied by business. Government is too localized to successfully garner the world's resources. Assuming that to be true all business leaders must integrate sustainability into the companies they lead no matter the size or leadership position they hold.

Based on your reading explain the meaning of the quote. Include in your explanation the role of the sustainable leader and whether you agree with Nidumolu's assessment that it is the way to transition to the new economy of the 21st century. Be specific in your explanation by using examples of successful sustainability leadership from your reading.

Part 2

Research on the internet, after using your reading for background material, a small business that has successfully used sustainable leadership to build the organization. In your example be sure to illustrate the ways in which the leaders have incorporated principles of sustainable leadership.

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Business Management: Theories of corporate responsibility
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