The purpose of this report is to develop your skills in

Digital Marketing

Length: 1500 words (+/- 10%). Word count excludeslist of references.

Assessment Description

The purpose of this report is to develop your skills in analysing and evaluating digital marketing strategies & seamlessly integrating them with brick and mortar marketing strategies.

About Queen Zaria

Queen Zaria is a NZ brand that offers beautiful lingerie exclusively for women who have undergone surgery related to breast cancer. 

“ We cater to all shapes, sizes and surgical operations. We can custom make our bras just to suit you. Queen Zaria understands the frustration when bra shopping with a prosthesis.

At Queen Zaria we empower women; all our models are breast cancer survivors. They are either wearing a prosthesis or have had a reconstruction. This gives our customers an authentic insight into how the bra will actually sit. Queen Zaria's mission is to provide not only beautiful bras for breast cancer survivors, but a support network for young women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer”

Major essay requirements:

1. Review the Queen Zaria website (

2. Identify and describe the customers and divide them into four market segments

3. Identify favourite social media platforms for each of the market segments and analyse how each of these segments access digital communication platforms (E.G.; Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Emails etc.).

4. How effectively does Queen Zaria utilise each of these platforms ? What should be Queen Zaria’s order of priority of each of these platforms and why?

5. Currently, Facebook is utilised by Queen Zaria. Why may Facebook ( including photos not work for all segments? 6. Thinking outside the box, please advise Queen Zaria on external (other organisations)other social media platforms where they can do targeted advertising (e.g. communicating on hospital sites). Youmust use a minimum of 8 references. These must comprise of:

• At least 4 academic articles/papers.

• Up to 4 other sources of your choice.

• Wikipedia, Slideshare, Businessballs, BizEd, Mindtools and other non-academic sources are not considered to be authoritative and will attract low marks if used. If in doubt, consult yourlecturer. If you are unsure about how to access and search the academic literature at KBS then please consult with your lecturer/facilitator and/or the ASC Academic Success Centre. 

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Marketing Management: The purpose of this report is to develop your skills in
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