The new war over wal-mart today wal-mart employs more

Question: The New War over Wal-Mart Today, Wal-Mart employs more people-1.7 million- than any other private employer in the world. With size comes power: Wal-Mart's prices are lower and United Food and Commercial Workers International Union argues that Wal-Mart's wages are also lower than its competitors. Last year, the workers at a Canadian outlet joined the union and Wal-Mart immediately closed the outlet. But does Wal-Mart behave any worse than its competitors? When it comes to payroll, Wal-Mart's median hourly wage tracks the national median wage for general retail jobs.

a. Explain how a union of Wal-Mart's employees would attempt to counteract Wal-Mart's wage offers (a bilateral monopoly).

b. Explain the response by the Canadian Wal Mart to the unionization of employees.

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Microeconomics: The new war over wal-mart today wal-mart employs more
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