the functions of a performance measurement

The functions of a performance measurement system;

- Publicise direction for 'everyone to follow' e.g. partners, managers, directors, team members and other stakeholders.

- Control the organisation e.g. establishment of targets, reporting lines and accountability in order to measure performance over time.  Assessing performance regularly by comparing actual results to targets set; will help achieve greater control over the organisations direction. An effective process can avoid short-term behaviour and improve long-term direction and corporate goal congruence.

- Helps organise the businessactivities, processes as well as resources to help achieve performance measures e.g. to help allocate and plan resources like time, money and equipment. An effective process helps develop greater integration and better coordination over the organisation's activities when formalised

- It will help communicate performance within and outside the organisation e.g. communicate plans, objectives and goals down the formal chain of command with feedback communicated by the establishment of reporting lines and systems. It would also enhance stakeholder perceptions of the business e.g. investors andcustomers.

- Evidence designates performance of organisations can be enhanced when using an effective system of performance measurement.

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Strategic Management: the functions of a performance measurement
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