Team oriented atmosphere


Visit webpages of McDonald's ( (Links to an external site.)) and In-N-Out Burger ( (Links to an external site.)) to learn business overview such as products/service, strategies, brand names, press-releases, and corporate social responsibilities, etc.

(1) Write your own mission statements of McDonald's and In-N-Out based on your research.

(2) Find McDonald's official mission statement ( (Links to an external site.)) and In-N-Out. Since In-N-Out removed its mission for some reason, I will give the mission here. In-N-Out's missions are

(a) Providing the freshest, highest quality foods and services for a profit and a spotless, sparkling environment whereby the customer is our most important asset,

(b) Providing a team oriented atmosphere whereby goal setting and communication exist and to provide excellent training and development for all of our associates, and

(c) Assisting all community's in our market place to become stronger, better and safer places to live.

(3) Compare these official mission statements to your own mission statements. What are differences? Why are your mission statements different from the official ones?

(4) Based on the official mission statements of the two companies, develop possible strategies of each company. This will give you a good exercise as a strategist since strategies are made to attain the missions. Please be realistic, strategic, and creative. There will be no WRONG answers!!!


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Business Management: Team oriented atmosphere
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