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  Structure-function and permeability of cells  

Foundations in Human Physiology – Structure, Function and Permeability of Cells

Assignment Title: With the aid of annotated diagrams, discuss the relationship between the structure and function in four specialised  human cells.

Assignment Brief:

In your assignment, you should:

A) Describe the general features of human cells (L.O.1, L.O.4)

B) Explain how the ultrastructural features of each of your four chosen specialised cells are adapted to the function that they perform in the human body (L.O.2, L.O.4)

C) Illustrate your answer with annotated diagrams (L.O.1, L.O.2, L.O.4)

D) Identify your sources of information, both in the text and in an end-list, using Harvard referencing (L.O.3)

E) Present your work in an assignment of approximately 1000 words (L.O.4).

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Course: Biology

Ref. No:- TGS0361

Length: 1000 words

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