Stat structure-symbolic links-hard links

Question 1: Distinguish between the given terms:

a) getc( ) Vs fgetc( )    
b) stat( ) Vs fsat( )
c) printf( ) Vs fprint( )  
d) scanf( ) Vs fscanf( ).

Question 2: Write a C program to print the type of a file for each command line argument.

Question 3: Describe Library functions, system calls and stream errors.

Question 4: Describe about stat structure, Symbolic Links and Hard Links.

Question 5:

a) Distinguish between fork( ) and vfork( ).
b) Write the syntax of six versions of exec functions and as well explain how such functions differ from each other.

Question 6: Define the term Signal. What are reliable signals? Describe about the primary features of reliable signals functions. Describe alarm, raise, kill and sleep functions.

Question 7:

a) Define the term Process. What are the process identifiers? Illustrate the commands for getting different IDs of calling process.
b) Describe the terms Zombie and Orphan Process.

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C/C++ Programming: Stat structure-symbolic links-hard links
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