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  Stages of the software development process  

Question 1: What do you mean by the computer software system? Illustrate in detail.

Question 2: Explain the different stages of the software development process.

Question 3: What are the seven stages of the SDLC? Draw diagram?

Question 4: What do you mean by the term system testing? Why is it necessary?

Question 5: What will occur if a system fails?

Question 6: What is the main difference between a data file and an executable file?

Question 7: What is the main difference between a program file and the object code file?

Question 8: Illustrate the meaning of formatted text file?

Question 9: Explain different types of file organizations.

Question 10: Compare sequential and Index sequential file organization?

Question 11: What are the benefits and drawbacks of the random file organization?

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