Scale gas and the future developing

The term paper must address a problem or issue in the electric energy industry. The issue should be born out of foundational research performed by the student. The paper MUST use the following structure with each section having a heading clearly shown for the following:

o Presentation of general research (demonstration of research effort)

o Industry analysis (analysis of data from research)

o Conclusions from industry analysis (conclusions reached from analysis)

o Issue identification (singular, concrete, concise - problem)

o Alternatives for the industry (different directions that can be pursued)

o Recommendations (students chosen alternative(s) with rationale)

2-4 pages for general research

1-3 pages industry analysis

0.5 pages conclusion

1 paragraph issue identification

1-2 pages alternative for industry, 5 alternative for my issue.

2-3 pages choose one alternative as recommendation.

Topic:scale gas and the future developing.

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Marketing Management: Scale gas and the future developing
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