Ricardo the ceo of sunflower organics hires a consultant

Ricardo, the CEO of Sunflower Organics, hires a consultant, Saadia, to analyze his production process. Ricardo has been using the same production process for the nearly twenty years he's been in business. His employees are essentially specialists, with each well-trained in performing one specific task or set of tasks. Saadia notes that, because of this, there is a high level of employee boredom, leading to turnover, and when someone is out sick, there is no one able to take over their duties. She suggests he switch to a self-managed team model for his production-line employees. After a few months, what does Ricardo most likely observe about the results of this switch?

1.The team still looks to higher management for direction in terms of its decision-making processes.

2.Although the team members have more flexibility in their jobs, their efficiency does not notably improve.

3.The lack of accountability is a problem; without direct supervision, workers slack off more.

4.Efficiency is better than ever; team members feel empowered and work better and faster as a result.

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Business Management: Ricardo the ceo of sunflower organics hires a consultant
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