Resulted in the resistance of technology

In thinking of how other societies are impacted by technological advances from modern industrialized societies consider the following questions.
• Does the adoption of a particular technology by an underdeveloped society result in a permanent change in its indigenous, traditional, customs and mores?
• Has the fear of this negative impact resulted in the resistance of technology by many of these countries?
From its origin in San Bernardino, California, the McDonald's fast-food chain has spread to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The food, décor, and general ambience of a McDonald's restaurant are about the same wherever you go.
discuss the following:
• Is McDonald's a harbinger of a U.S. based universal world culture?
• Is the McDonaldization of the world a good thing?
• Is this an example of cultural convergence and, if so, what sort of forces stand in opposition to it? 

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Other Subject: Resulted in the resistance of technology
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