Research one economic concern in a south american country


As an employee of the World Bank, you have been asked to research 1 economic concern in a South American country and write a report on your findings.

• Select a South American country to research.

• Select 1 of the following economic concerns to research:

o Quantities of specific goods and services
o Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
o Unemployment
o Inflation

• Research data sets for the one economic concern within the South American country that you have chosen.
• In a 3-4-page report, answer the following questions:

o What are 2-3 relationships between the economic concern you selected and that specific country's economy?
o What trends do you see in the data sets?
o Support your assertions of the trends with statistical evidence.
o Cite all of your sources correctly and include a reference list, both in APA style.

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Other Management: Research one economic concern in a south american country
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