Relationship between phenomenon based on hunches-observation


Many laypeople will give their opinions on the relationship between phenomenon based on their hunches or observations; these are not theories. A theory explains and interprets the facts. A proper scientific theory must be falsifiable. Criminologists who create theories test their hypotheses. Many times the theorist will modify his or her theory based on the research. Upon more and more investigation, those theories that have yet to be falsified become accepted as a valid description between the phenomenon.

Darwin's theory of evolution has yet to be falsified. There are numerous unanswered questions, but as time goes by, scientists are discovering more and more evidence to support the theory.

When I was an undergraduate student, I majored in Psychology; I thought I was in control of everything about me. However, when I took my first criminology class, I realized the social environment also had an impact on who I was becoming. For example, I did not choose my parents, their income, how many siblings I had, or where I lived.

Each of those had an impact on who I was and who I became friends with in my childhood. Most of my childhood friends, who are still my friends, may have been based solely on how far away they lived from my parents instead of their character, interests, or personality. What do you think? Give me examples from your own life.

In no less than 250 words, apply appropriate technology tools and resources to locate and retrieve information from various sources (e.g., on-line, libraries, etc.) while completing this assignment. Use proper English grammar and spelling and normal page margins.

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Business Law and Ethics: Relationship between phenomenon based on hunches-observation
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