questiona which of the following is not a goal


(a) Which of the following is not a goal of security:

i) detection
ii) prevention
iii) recovery
iv) prosecution

(b) You are an honest student. One day you receive a letter from the University requiring you to see the IT manager about a serious security break-in which you appear to have been involved in. You've never done anything like this. What could be happening here, and how could you have become implicated?

(c) Give one example of a Packet Sniffer tool that can be used for eavesdropping. What is the aim of an attacker in using a packet sniffing?

(d) Give two differences between a hacker and a cracker.

(e) What is buffer overflow? What type of attack is it? How do you prevent it?

(f) Your help desk has informed you that they received an urgent call from the vice president last night requesting his logon ID and password. What type of attack is this?

(g) A hacker located at IP address wants to launch a Smurf attack on a victim machine located at IP address utilizing a third-party network located at What would be the source and destination IP address on the single packet the hacker transmits?

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Computer Networking: questiona which of the following is not a goal
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