Public relations-kickbacks

Case Scenario:

You are the senior vice president of marketing and communications for a medium-sized manufacturer headquartered in your city. Your company is bidding on a major contract in an Asian country. If your firm wins the contract, the company's revenues could double over the next five years. Plus, you will likely have the inside track on additional contracts in that country. Your company is competing for this contract against a French company and a German company. Your company is confident that it can provide a better deal to the Asian country. But there is one small problem, the country's minister of trade would appreciate receiving a kickback. You know that both the French and the German companies would likely acquiesce to the minister's request, which is not unusual and generally accepted in that part of the world.

Required to answer:

Question 1. Draft a persuasive memo to your CEO recommending what he should do in the above circumstances.

Question 2. Back up your argument with applicable facts.

Question 3. Remember, you are the company's chief public relations officer, so you need to consider the implications on various stakeholders.

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Other Management: Public relations-kickbacks
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