Problem based on investing in social innovation

Assignment 1: Reflective Assignment


As outlined on the unit "How will you be assessed" page, this task requires you to write a 2,500 (maximum) word essay.

Task summary:

You have studied throughout this course that disruption, innovation and globalization are key for new businesses. As a business leader, it is time to reflect on the social impact of your business.

Read the following statement from a Deloitte report on Business and Social Impact:

"The global economy has reached a tipping point where emerging markets are no longer simply a rising force but are now taking center stage. Even companies with a strong existing market presence must grapple with how to expand their reach into new countries and segments, including second-tier markets and rural areas.

In these markets, the scale and diversity of social needs provide rich commercial opportunities. But they also present major challenges to service and business operations. Throughout emerging markets, the gap between aspiration and met needs are often substantial with regard to issues of poverty, access to sanitation and clean water, food security, and the social infrastructure of housing, education, and health care."

Task description:

In undertaking this reflective assessment, select one emerging economy upon which to focus. Then answer the following questions. You should write this assignment as a reflective piece. Refer to your own experience, ideas, and impressions wherever possible. Use headings for each of the questions.

Question 1: What are three ways to make your business more socially engaged and involved in social innovation?

Question 2: To what extent do you think your organisation needs to develop in emerging markets, or not?

Question 3: What are some social barriers or challenges you perceive there to be in investing in emerging markets?

Question 4: What are some challenges for you, specifically as a business leader, in investing in social innovation in an emerging market?

Question 5: What are some ways your organisation might overcome service or business operation difficulties or obstacles?

Assignment 2: Applied Project: Investing in Social Innovation


As outlined on the unit "How will you be assessed" page, this task requires you to write a 2,500 (maximum) word essay.

Before you commence this task, you should:

Part 1: Complete the relevant unit learning activities.

Part 2: Give consideration to the types of problems you have experience within your career that could be addressed through application of the concepts and theories introduced in this unit.

Task summary:

Businesses often invest in social innovation. This can be done for various reasons: corporate social responsibility, development of communities, marketing and promotions, or simply the investment in social innovation for the sake of social innovation.

The goal of this assessment is to review a project as a business leader, and make an invest vs non-invest decision.

Task description:

In this project you are asked to assess a 'wicked' problem, a social innovation, its measurement, and an evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses. Use the following Program Logic recreated from to help evaluate and review your social innovation:

2131_Program Logic.jpg

Report Structure:

Research online examples of social innovation using the following headings:

Part 1: The wicked problem

Part 2: The social innovation addressing it

Part 3: The measurement of SROI: What are the inputs, outputs and impact?

Part 4: Evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses

Part 5: Whether you would invest or not with a sustained, evidence based rationale

Note: Need to do - Applied Project: Investing in Social Innovation - Assignment 2 only

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