Percentage of americans without health insurance

Assignment: Policy Paper


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) led to a noticeable reduction in the percentage of Americans without health insurance, while those percentages have once again grown as the Trump Administration has weakened many ACA provisions. Address the question: Was the ACA on the right track as a way to achieve universal health insurance in the US? (Your answer to this question could be in the form of yes, no there is a better way, or some version of these two. You could also answer it by arguing that universal health insurance should not be a policy objective we pursue or prioritize.)

Your primary sources should be course material. If you need to supplement, that is fine, but please don't replace course readings with other readings. Your Works Cited (or Reference) page should only include work cited in your paper.

Suggested Format

Introduction/Background: Provide some framing for what topic you are addressing and why. If your audience needs some background, provide it. Include one sentence summarizing what you argue. 1 to 2 para.

Description of different opinions on the topic. Why is the topic controversial, and what are some different opinions about the topic? Note this part should be fairly factual. 2 to 3 paragraphs

Your analysis: Explain your opinion, and back it up with your reasoning, evidence, and support. Be sure to include responses to people who disagree with you (2 to 3 pages).

Conclusion. One paragraph.


The Simple Economics of Health Reform


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Macroeconomics: Percentage of americans without health insurance
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