Non-verbal communication and relationship

Case Study:

As per our discussion, I assumed a place in Louisville, Louisville water front Park that would be the best location to do my task. I walked through the river side I enjoyed watching boats and river and people. I could see a pair, both are exactly suitable for given task. It was weekend so park is very busy with people, I moved to pool area and playground sites.

Watching people in refreshment places is foolish thing. people enjoying peaceful atmosphere and keep moving in park, there many things to for people to talk about beautiful river park, some of them busy with phones and electronic gadgets. In that specific instance a young pair, about 30 aged attracted my consideration as they look enjoying with love. Young men wear a grey color shirt and young women wear a beautiful flower printed scuba dress. That moment they both have phones in their hands and talking with each other, it looks they both are appreciated with fantastic expressions that represent how much they both love each other. Meanwhile they started preparation for having food the young men were very interested in organizing food arrangements. The couple enjoy their meal both offered food each other with lovely expressions, both were enjoy the moment they live together and they enjoy nature and they discussing about river and park, that I observe with their postures. I observe their non-verbal communication and relationship, sometimes they look at each other with love these all shows their strong relationship.

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