Manufacturing plant in texas as an assistant plant manager


You are hired at a manufacturing plant in Texas as an assistant plant manager. You have over ten years of experience in manufacturing and have a Bachelors in Business and a Master in Business Administration. The plant manager tells you on your first day of work the following:

1) There are many workers at the plant that are 1st generation Mexicans and 2nd generation Americans of Mexican descent. The plant manager intimates that there are many personnel problems at the plant and that she suspects that it might have to do with "cultural clashes" although she does not fully understand what they could be.

2) She says that there are also young workers and older workers. The young workers are millennials and the older workers are baby boomers and Gen X. She says that she is having problems in the interaction between the older and the younger workers. The following is a key for explanation to what that means. The years are years of birth for people in those generations.

• Boomers: 1946 - 1964
• Generation X (Gen X): 1965 - 1980
• Millennials or Generation Y (Gen Y): 1981 - 2000

3) The manager has asked that you tell her what the Hofstede cultural dimensions are of which she should be aware with regards to the Mexican culture and its interaction with the American culture. (Go to the tools link on top of the page and then go to "Compare Countries". Here you can compare the scores for the U.S. and Mexico.)

Please research the Hofstede cultural dimensions and assign the score for each dimension as it pertains to the Mexican culture. Prepare a report that examines what problems exist in the organization due to culture and a plan for change. In the report you are to submit to the manager you will detail each of the scores and what they mean with regards to Mexican culture and then do the same for the U.S. scores. Compare the scores for the two cultures and tell the manager what the possible pitfalls are when people from both cultures interact. You will also tell the manager what the possible positive interactions are. Submit a three page APA-formatted essay by the due date (8-8-2016).

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