Managements role in the transformational change


Introduction (250 to 300 words)

You will research and find an example of a firm that is going through the transformational change of offshoring much of its production activities. The first part of the plan will be the Introduction. Context for the introduction includes the following:

  • What is offshoring?
  • How were the stakeholders affected?
  • What initiated the change?
  • How well has it been received or accepted, and why?
  • What is driving the need for this transformational change? (300-500 words)
  • Why is this considered a transformational change?
  • Why can the firm not just keep doing what it has been doing?
  • What is management's role in the transformational change?
  • Are there easier alternatives to accomplish the goal of remaining competitive?


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Business Management: Managements role in the transformational change
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