Leader contingency and situational leadership capabilities

Leadership Styles

In this assignment, you will study the characteristics that mark each leadership style.

Identify five leaders from the lists given in Appendix A.

You must select one leader's name from List 7.

You must select one leader's name from List 4.

Select the remaining three leaders from Lists 1, 2, 3, 5, or 6. Ensure you select only one name from a list.

Share reasons for your selection of leaders.

Research about the following:

• Biographies of the chosen leaders

• Historical events associated with the chosen leaders

Based on your research and readings, compile a 7-to 8-page Microsoft Word that includes response to the below questions:

• What were the characteristics of your chosen leaders?

• What were the factors that contributed to each individual rising to the role of leader?

• What was each selected leader's leadership style? Support your position with credible references with respect to the style, and include an accurate biography and depiction of historical events.

• Did the leaders' leadership style shifted or evolved with time or the acquisition of power? Why?

• What tools did the leaders utilized to promote their influence and vision?

• What were each leader's contingency and situational leadership capabilities? Explain and support with examples where he or she demonstrated those leadership capabilities.

• What was the power base of the selected leaders? What characteristics or traits allowed each individual to assume the position of leadership power?

• What role did the leaders assumed in resolving conflict? What was each leader's apparent conflict resolution style?

• What was each leader's iconic situation that gained him or her recognition as a leader?

• Did the environment and time lend to each leader's rise or recognition? Why?

• Reflecting on leadership theory and style, would you consider certain traits and characteristics to be timeless? Why or why not?

• Why did others adopt or invest in them as individuals and leaders?

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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