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  Java application testing the random number

Do the given two programs:

Question: Write down a Java application that inputs three integers from the user and displays the sum, average, product, smallest and largest of the numbers. Use a Scanner object to get the input from the user. Use System.out to output the results. The average must be a floating point result, and must be displayed with 2 digits after the decimal point.

Question: Write down a Java application that tests the random number generation abilities of Java. Random number generation is described below. Your application must simulate rolling a pair of dice some number of times. Use a JOptionPane to ask the user how many times the dice should be rolled. Each dice roll can be a value between 1 and 6, so rolling 2 dice will result in values between 2 and 12. You require generating a random number between 1 and 6 to simulate rolling each dice. Keep track of the result of each and every roll by using an array which is indexed by the sum of the roll of the two dice. Output your result in a table that shows each value (that is, 2 – 12) and the number of times that value was rolled.

The program should have the given structure:

1) The major function declares the counting array and gathers input from the user.

2) The separate function is called which takes an integer array parameter and also the number of dice rolls to execute. This function rolls the dice the required number of times and employs the array provided to count the number of times each value is rolled.

3) The main program takes the count data from the array, formats it and displays it as explained above.

Your final programming document must contain in the given order:

1) Screen capture of the first program followed by the source code.

2) Screen capture of the second program followed by the source code.


Java application testing the random number

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Course: JAVA Programming

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