Importance of medicaid and medicare in healthcare


1.Discuss the importance of Medicaid and Medicare in healthcare.

2.Evaluate the different types of health insurance policies.

3.What are some of the key differences between traditional indemnity insuranceand managed care?

4.What is organizational integration? What is it ultimate aim? Why did health care organizations integrate?

5.Define managed care.

6.Discuss the history of managed care.

• Summarize each video in your own words with 50 word count or more.

• Films Media Group (2009). Employer Provided Health Insurance (02:58) From Title: Sick Around America.

• Films Media Group (2008). Health Insurance Considerations (01:28) From Title: Reinventing Healthcare-A Fred Friendly Seminar.

• Films Media Group (2005). Reasons for Rising Health Care Costs (01:56) From Title: Peter Jennings Reporting: Breakdown-America's Health Insurance Crisis.

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Business Management: Importance of medicaid and medicare in healthcare
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