illustrate the method of on the job training for

Illustrate the method of On the Job Training for managers?

Methods of ‘On – the Job Training’ for Managers are illustrated below:

a. Experience: Under such method a person who is to work and perform like a manager, is placed onto some suitable managerial position and is expected to develop like a manager, by learning through the experience.

b. Coaching: In this method a new manager is taught the art of managing through a senior experienced manager, termed as coach.

c. Understudy: In this method, a junior manager works within the guidance and instructions of some senior manager, along with the intention which after the period of training, the junior manager will capture the position of the senior manager. Throughout the period of training the junior manager is termed as an ‘Understudy’.

d. Position Rotation: This is that method of managerial development, whereby one manager is rotated in between several managerial positions at the horizontal level, as in various departments, at usual intervals of time.

e. Particular Projects: A particular project might be assigned to a manager that is a piece of task outside the scope of his normal tasks. This assists him to learn new things.

f. Placement onto Committees: While a manager is placed onto a Committee like a special member of which Committee, he not only develops conversational powers but also becomes learn interacting along with others. This develops his human relations skill.

g. Selective Readings: Managers are expected and they advised to go through professional magazines as well as journals maintained within the company library throughout their leisure time.

h. Case Study Method: A manager here is provided along with a case from a real-life organisational situation, pertaining to an exact managerial area.

i. Brain-Storming: A problem here is posed before a group of trainee Managers, and concepts are invited through them for a solution to the problem.

j. Multiple Management: In this method, there are two Boards of Directors as a Senior Board and a Junior Board. There Junior Board is a training ground for acquiring eligibility to placement onto senior Board. The members of the Junior Board obtain adequate experience of handling organisational issues before assuming the liable roles as members of the Senior Board.

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