Identify the type of organizational structure

Research CIGNA's the company's culture.

Give a word limit of 875-word summary of the following and be prepared to share this information regarding your organization:

1. Summarize your review and research.

2. Display the characteristics displayed by your company's abilities as a learning organization.

3. Explain how your company's culture and learning organizational abilities may support or detract from a change initiative.

Identify the type of organizational structure utilized by the company. Discuss how the structure may impact a change initiative either positively or negatively.

Create a presentation using Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Publisher®, Word, or sites such as Glogster® or PiktoChart® with speaker notes.

a. You should Include a one page summary or an equivalent  about how the company's characteristics may positively or negatively impact a change initiative

b. You should Include at least three peer reviewed references.

You must follow APA format.

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Other Management: Identify the type of organizational structure
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