Identify academic journals in the field

Assignment :Know Your Field

For this assignment, you will investigate your professional field's publication outlets, Its central questions/problems, theories, methods, websites, authors, as well as areas of change that challenge the field.

1. Identify three key academic Journals In your field/area.

2. Identify three key trade publications In your field/area.

3. Identify three key websites In your held/area.

4. Identify three key intellectual problems or questions In your field/area.

5. Identify three  key areas of change (LeLlmological, social, etc.) that challenge the field.

6. Identify three  key practical and/or intellectual theories in your fleld/orea.

7. Identify three key methods of inquiry in your field/area.

8. Identify three key authors and their books/artides In your held/area.


This is a foundational assignment. The Information—and its understanding-Is required of all who wish to participate In the life of their chosen field. If you are not conversant with the above, you may find It difficult to fit In professionally and socially. In short, the objective of the assignment Is to make you more aware of, and ultimately more conversant with, professional expectations and your particular community of communication professionals. It shopuld be the length of 4 to 6 pages.

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Other Management: Identify academic journals in the field
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