How the advancement of social media has helped businesses

Impact of social media on business performance of "Sunsilk"

Social media is a network and computer based virtual communication platform where people share and exchange their thoughts and feelings. Now a day's tis platform can be tapped hugely marketing and promotion purposes and attain business opportunities.

Currently social media has become a talk of the world with its incredible advancement in communication. Various social media tools are present like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Viber etc. These tools have been increasingly used in business performance ranging from large organizations to small and midsized institutions. I will attempt to show how these media tools are supportive to the business performance and growth.

The objective of the study is to see-

• How the advancement of social media has helped businesses

• Whether it affected the business positively or negatively

• How is the situation in case of worldwide known hair care brand "Sunsilk"

Social media has helped business to get close to the customers, know them better, and offer products according to the current needs and demand of the people. It helps companies better understand the wants and needs of people, their expectations from the company. So basically it is a platform to learn about the audience. It can grow the customer base because basically companies use social media to promote their business activities which might in turn give birth to new is also a useful tool to receive customer feedback very easily. Social media has made it much easier to share business content very easily at a less time and the cost is usually very lower than the traditional methods of promotion activities. So basically it can be used as a brand building technique for companies. The importance of social media is manifold and they have helped business in the above any many other ways to enhance their business activities and improve operational efficiency.

The answer to the question of how social media has helped "Sunsilk"can be attributed to the fact that, Sunsilk has recently initiated a campaign on YouTubewhere one canupload a photograph, choose hair type and length and then go for the treatment of his/her choice.After watching a video of this treatment using Keratinology products of Sunsilk and at the end of it one is presented with a new look. It is basically a marketing campaign to make people aware of the products of Sunsilk and enhance sales of product. Sunsilk had a huge YouTube base with 1338 subscribers and 364,272 view of the video only. Apart from that Facebook promotion as also become a useful tool for low cost marketing for the company.

However social media is not out of negative impacts. Spread of negative information about the company can have disastrous impacts. Apart from that accidental release of confidential information on media can be harmful as well. So businesses should have tremendous caution while using social media because nothing is without negativities.

So from the above discussion we can say social media can be botha blessing and curse. But cautious application can take the company to the paths of success.

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Business Management: How the advancement of social media has helped businesses
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