How retailer satisfies the needs of the target market

Retailing Blackboard Exercise

This exercise involves three separate parts.

If you like to shop, you'll find this experience insightful and fun. If you don't like to shop, it may not be as much fun, but it will still be insightful. We all need to shop at some time, and I think you'll learn a lot when looking at the experience through more critical eyes.

In summary, this is what you are going to do:

Part A: Comparison Shopping

Part B: Retailer Analysis

Part C: Internet Shopping Analysis

PART A: Compare at least seven products among four food retailers on:

1) Variety

2) Assortment

3) Service

4) Price

5) Location

6) Promotion

7) Design and Display

8) Type of Retail Institution

Give as much detail as you can. Please write at least three (3) complete sentences for each of the 4 categories below (a through d) For each retailer identify:

a) the target market the you think the retailer is directing its efforts and why

b) how the retailer strives to satisfy the needs of the target market

c) how the retailer builds a long-term advantage over the competitors.

d) Conclude with how effective you think the retail strategy is for each retailer.

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Marketing Management: How retailer satisfies the needs of the target market
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