How does sartre use the story of a young man decision


Summary Questions - Sartre, Leopold

Put things in your own words unless the question asks for a direct quote.

Answer each question in 8 to 12 sentences.

1. How does Sartre use the story of a young man's decision to question the usefulness of traditional ethical theories? Do you agree with his criticism? Why or why not?

2. Choose a debated environmental issue (such as climate change, endangered species, organic food, etc.) and describe what Leopold might say about the ethics of this issue, based on his views in the reading. Quote and explain two direct quotes from the reading as part of your answer, using quotation marks and the in-text citation (Leopold, 1949/2010, p. ____).

3. Thinking back over the course, what would you embrace as your preferred ethical theory? To answer, fill in the blanks in the following sentence: "An action is right if it _____, and wrong if it ____." You could endorse one of the theories we have covered, create your own personal theory, or maybe combine several theories in the way you see best. In addition to stating your theory, give some reasons why it is a reasonable approach to ethics.

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History: How does sartre use the story of a young man decision
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