How can higher education leaders



Of the types of identity development covered (race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender), which one do you feel you are most comfortable addressing with a student? SEXUALorientation-MOST COMFORTABLE

Which one do you feel the least comfortable? ETHNICITY-LEAST COMFORTABLE

Identify a resource that can aid in your awareness and comfort level with this aspect of identity.

Why is successful development with each of these important to student persistence, retention, and completion?

Be sure your assignment has the following minimum requirements:

• 2 to 3 pages in length, not including your cover page or reference page;

• a minimum of three scholarly references properly cited in APA 6th ed.; and

• double-spaced with 1" margins and 12 pt. font


Why Should We Even Care?

Fully embracing one's sexual identity can be very difficult for students. It can potentially be just as difficult for college personnel with whom students struggling with their sexual identity choose to confide.

This can be particularly true when the sexual identity assumed is not the accepted "norm."

Why is the development of sexual identity important for college students?

How can we, as higher education leaders, help in that development?

• Your initial post (approximately 200 to 250 words) should address each question in the discussion.

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Business Law and Ethics: How can higher education leaders
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