Generating entity relationship model


Task 1 Initial Design

Question 1: Generate an entity relationship model for the proposed database system for Apply by Events Management. This must be a fully normalised model to third normal form. You don’t have to show the steps you took in the normalisation process.

Question 2: Generate a data dictionary for the entity relationship model.

Task 2 Data and Queries

Question 3: Create all the tables using SQL. Show your Create scripts and the finished tables.

Question 4: Add data on all the Events listed in the assignment. Note that the client ‘Lord Eaglestone’ has commissioned more than one Event. Give a listing of this.

Question 5: Add data for five Events and their associated venues. Give a listing of this.

Question 6: Add data on equipment and suppliers and the Events they are assigned to. Give a listing of this.

Question 7: Write a query that selects all Events of a particular type with all the speakers assigned to each Event.

Question 8: Write a query whcih selects the equipment and venues for each event.

Task 3 Evaluation

Question 9: Give an assessment of how the work you have done has met the requirements of the firm.


i) The word-processed report should be 1250 words.

ii) Familiarise yourself with the NCC Education Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy and make sure that you acknowledge all the sources which you use in your work.

iii) All citations and references should use the Harvard Style

iv) You should submit a paper copy and digital copy.

v) Media containing viruses, or media that can’t be run directly, will result in a fail grade being awarded for this module.

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Database Management System: Generating entity relationship model
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