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Context: Set in 2000, this case is about Fishery Products International, a Canadian seafood company. In this case, rather than solving a specific strategic dilemma, you are asked to analyze the industry and diagnose what is driving the company's performance. While this case focuses on an Atlantic fishery, fisheries are also one of the largest industries in Alaska, contributing 78,500 jobs to the Alaskan economy and an estimated $5.8 billion annually-- so for those of you in-state, it never hurts to learn about a major local industry! You'll notice that this case gives you an overwhelming number of exhibits and quite a lot of background. Used the data provided but don't get overwhelmed-- not every fact and figure will be meaningful to you.

Please answer the following questions:

Question 1. Why is the North American commercial seafood industry consolidating? What are some of the defining characteristics of the industry? (hint: you may want to use the 5-forces model).

Question 2. How is FPI faring compared to its competitors? Is share price a good measure of performance? What other measures might you use to understand FPI's track record?

Question 3. Does FPI have any unique resources or capabilities that their competitors cannot easily imitate?

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