Examples would be teen suicide-depression-teen pregnancy


Make a power point presentation about a problem within our youth. Examples would be teen suicide and depression, teen pregnancy, bullying, poverty(mothers that cant buy diapers and formula for their newborn), and obesity..just to name a few. The program proposal should address the following elements:

Have a program name

WHO: Which population is this program intended to serve? Is it a large group, such as all newborns, or a sub-group, like newborns in low income families. Also include specific developmental domain: is it physical, cognitive, social/emotional, or some combination of these.

WHAT: What is your program actually going to do? Will it provide services, such as meals or therapy, or will it focus on education, advocacy, or prevention of some kind? how will the program be funded? example would be government funding and donations. Be sure to include specific details

WHY: This is where you make your case. Why is this a problem that should be addressed by your program? Use information from statistics from your own research, and any other resource to support why your program is needed. Remember to cite your sources! You should also mention theories relevant to your program (e.g. Piaget theory, Erikson theory)

Power point slides should have at least 1 slide per section: who, what, why place visual aids in the presentation example pictures, or promo materials.

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Business Law and Ethics: Examples would be teen suicide-depression-teen pregnancy
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