Estimating revenues for a business case companies

Problem 1) In estimating revenues for a business case companies often require a range of results to be evaluated. What are they usually? How does this help in decision making? Give an example from your experience where this might have been useful.

Problem 2) We're in a global economy. What are some of the cultural factors you should consider when developing a decision implementation plan?

Problem 3) What forms of resistance should you consider when implementing a decision plan? How would you counter the resistance?

Problem 4) The failure to plan ahead has been described as the single greatest impediment to efficient decision making. What considerations should be addressed to insure the successful implementation of a decision? Why? What can be done about it?

Problem 5) According to Robbins in "Decide" Quantity of information is not synonymous with quality. How do we know when enough information has been collected to make a decision? How do we judge its quality?

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Finance Basics: Estimating revenues for a business case companies
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