En 205 the main purpose of a response paper is to

The main purpose of a response paper is to articulate and defend a well-reasoned(but perhaps not comprehensively argued) response to a piece of literature.

What I want you to do in this case is to respond to the literature we have read so far, one or both ofThe Confessions of Nat Turner and David Walker's Appeal.

Think and write about what seems important to both authors thematically, perhaps thinking about the similarities and differences with which they describe or depict those themes. You can think about how specific characters or categories of individuals are depicted, how the setting is depicted, how the plot or argument is constructed, and what the implications are for these choices that the authors make.

You can also write a bit about how the genres and situations differ or are similar for both of these authors. With any of these options you choose, you should include discussion of very specific passages and make sure to explain why that passage means what you say it does about your topic.

Use MLA format to cite in text and include a works cited entry for the texts you discuss.Include in-text citations anytime you point to either text. Please do not include any outside research or secondary sources for this assignment.

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