Elements of racism and discrimination to fulfill


Do not use the course text book "Dancing on Live Embers" for this book review. The book is to be a fiction or non-fiction novel. "Dancing on Live Embers" can be used as a reference text, however, for bullet in the Conduct section of these instructions.


Writing a book review is more than simply describing the contents of a book. To conduct a proper book review you must analyze the book from several different perspectives. The key to this book review is to ensure in the analysis section that you conduct a detailed analysis of the book in the context of racism and discrimination. To do this, you want to identify elements in the book that can be used to illustrate the theories and concepts of racism and discrimination you are studying in this course.

For example, are there items of prejudicial behavior, stereotyping, abuse because of ethnicity or religion, etc. In addition to finding examples of these behaviors in the book you also need to define the concept or theory. In other words, do not simply state that the book illustrates examples of stereotyping without providing a definition of what the term stereotyping means. You also need to ensure you include cited content to support your definitions and descriptions in this section. This cited content can be taken from either the course content or research you conducted in preparing for the book review. See How to Write an Essay if you are unsure how to cite in APA format.


In the book review, provide the following:

1. Provide a brief summary of the book. This part of the review should be no more than one page.

2. Prepare an analysis section of how this book addresses some of the major theories, concepts, points of view, and ideas that you are studying in this course. A detailed analysis would address types of racism, discrimination, ethnicity, minority rights and abuses, international views on racism, bias, theories of prejudice, the effects of hate crimes, the motivation of perpetrators, and the impact on victims. While you would not address all of these aspects of racism and discrimination, any number of these elements could be examined in the context of your book to highlight the negative impact these elements have on people's lives.

Analysis would involve a detailed look at some of these elements and an examination of how the events highlighted in your book characterize these elements. You needed to engage in a more detailed examination of these elements of racism and discrimination to fulfill the intent of this assignment. This section should be atleast ouLpao_a of the review.

3. Provide a summary section and analysis of your thoughts and assessment of the book.

4. Provide an impact section describing what influence this book had on your thinking about racism and discrimination?

5. Include two (2) academically relevant sources that are property cited in the review for material taken from either the course lessons, the course text, or other sources you consulted in preparing your book report

6. A reference list is to be included at the end of the essay;

7. The citations and references are to be in APA format;

8. Your book review is to be not less than five pages double spaced pages not including a cover page or references at the end of the essay. The essay is to be written in Times Roman, 12pt, font.

9 The book review is to follow this format with a section heading for each item:

1. Introduction and Summary;

2. Analysis of the Book

3. Summary of Thoughts on this Book

4. Impact of this Book

5. Conclusion

6. References is. The review is to be grammatically sound and include section headings for bullet 9 above.

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Business Law and Ethics: Elements of racism and discrimination to fulfill
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