Effects of electronic devices on

Questions: Please submit your questions with an APA cover page

Thesis statements don't always appear in the first paragraph. Where does the author state the thesis/subject of her article?

a. First paragraph

b. Second paragraph

c. Third paragraph

d. Fourth paragraph

2. What is the full sentence that makes up her subject/thesis of this article?

3. Where do you think I found this article (note there are some words that are highlighted slightly and a number of webpage addresses are provided at the end of the article)

a. In an encyclopaedia

b. A blog on someone's website

c. In MacLean's magazine

d. On David Suzuki's web site

4. What do you think is the author's opinion regarding of daily screen time for her children?

a. Should not be allowed at all

b. Does not need to be monitored

c. Should be monitored and limited to quality screen time only

d. There are no TV's or electronic devices allowed in her house

5. What is the author's opinion on the effects of electronic devices on nature?

a. No effect at all

b. They are large consumers of electricity and therefore have a growing carbon footprint

c. They enhance our appreciation of nature

d. Nature can be experienced solely by watching TV and enjoying exercise type game

6. Develop a draft outline for this article that you think the author would have used prior to writing (Hint: include at least 4 headings and a sub-heading for each heading)

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