Economic growth- comment on economic growth in australia



Economic Growth - Comment on Economic growth in Australia during the last 5 years and its effects on the society. (both positive and negative)

Structure of the Essay

• Introduction - 300 words

• Body- Discuss the topic from your secondary research with some theory -2500 words

• Conclusion 200 words


• Better marks for those who have collected and analysed secondary data effectively and applied the various economic theories/models.

• You need to research articles between 4 to 6 from media (written by Uni Professors, Business leaders, Journalists, Government agencies like RBA/ABS/ACCC, or any other Academic source on your topic.

• Some graphs and charts are required to support your analysis.

• You need to give Reference with your assignment. (4 to 6) [Harvard referencing]

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Microeconomics: Economic growth- comment on economic growth in australia
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