Due to our financial issues and social strains is it

Foreign policy, without a doubt, if a complicated and messy issue that is little understood by the American people. Americans are stuck in the fix it now time frame when other countries have been in existence for thousands of years and are quite capable of addressing issues in their time frame. In addition, many times America is allied with very devious regimes in order to accomplish many goals we have established for ourselves (Joseph Stalin in order to win WWII). For your constructive response question this week, we will address a current event, but relate the issue to whether we need to continue to intervene.
In order for Libya to obtain a regime change, the U.S. had to support the rebels who overthrew the government of Col. Qadhafi. When a government changes hands, as in Iraq, especially after a long period of an oppressive government, there is a period of time in which anarchy exists. It is during this time when the bonds of society breaks down and lawlessness exist. Finally, a strong man or government evolves. Many times this government may be worse than the one before it, but they are our friends; for the time being.
Due to our financial issues and social strains, is it prudent for the U.S. to continue with a policy of intervention with countries that are not a threat to us or should the U.S. continue on the path to bring liberty and freedom to all corners of the world? Please find current articles or Web sites to support your view. http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/opinion/columnists/qa/s_764371.html

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Taxation: Due to our financial issues and social strains is it
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