Do you agree with the consultant opinion

Discuss the following:

Mr Said, the human resources director at SPLASHIES which is specialized in manufacturing and retailing aquatic sport equipment. The company begun as small project but, now that it became a big company with 105 employees, a consultant told him that he has to create documents about job roles and responsibilities. The existing employees have been recruited on the basis of a subjective evaluation of the company creator Mr Mohamed which relied on the likeability of the candidate or their friends or relatives. Moreover SPLASHIES is opening a new store in Riyadh in 6 months. The new store will need a Manager and 20 employees.

1- Do you agree with the consultant opinion, Why?

2- What do you think about Mr Mohamed recruiting criteria? What do you suggest?

3- Give some ideas to help Said write job descriptions.

4- Make a recruiting plan for the new store and identify three principal recruiting sources for it.



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Other Subject: Do you agree with the consultant opinion
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