Diverse group of new employees

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Breaking the Ice

Your boss has just given you the task of helping organize the training for new staff that are coming in next week for their orientation. She mentioned that you will be expecting 10 new employees for the training, and she wants you to be in charge of the icebreakers, exercises, and games in the training room. She also added that you will be looking at a diverse group of new employees to be working with that day, so put your thinking cap on!

Based on what you have learned so far in our course, the text, and from experiences you have had leading up to this point, create the following that you will implement in the training of the new staff:

an opening icebreaker to get the group engaged and ready to start their training,

two exercises to implement following key discussions that are had during training, and

one game to conclude the training session that involves all the new employees and covers key terms, points, and events about our company.

Remember, these new employees are part of the future of our company. Getting them excited from the start will only lead them to be even more productive for the company and help us produce more and higher quality of work.

You should use at least one outside resource, which could include the textbook, paraphrased or quoted material, or any useful resource you find.Your final plan should be a minimum of three page and use APA format

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Other Management: Diverse group of new employees
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