Discuss the value of interdisciplinary studies


Assessment of Interdisciplinary Studies

• Discusses the value of interdisciplinary studies in terms of curriculum planning and improvement. Search for the latest research on interdisciplinary studies and see if you can find articles or research studies on how schools and/or school districts have tried to implement this concept.

o Do you feel that interdisciplinary studies are practical in today's schools, especially with the emphasis on state testing?

o Given your answer from last week, do you think that your subject and grade would be a good candidate to include in a new, interdisciplinary unit? Why or why not?

o Explain your reasoning to these two questions and post at least 1 article from the past 2 years that supports your answer.


Needs Improvement

Huntsville, Alabama

The test results are for Huntsville City Schools in Alabama and the chosen grade is 8th and subject, in this case, is science. In the need assessment, I will explore and identify the niche in a science subject and come up with the necessary strategies to improve the test scores will also gather and analyze the data to ensure that the gaps are really addressed to increase the test scores. These are the items that I will include in my need assessment, the achievement data of the student, the data information on the national and state initiatives and finally, the expected expertise development needs of the main subject area teachers(Cappiello, 2016).

The data needed for the creation of the successful plans are the student's enrollment data and the achievement data of the student and the results that are from the program evaluation. The measurement of success is the increase in the scores in the test of the students. I, therefore, agree with the assessment because it tends to provide the direction of the educational program level that seeks to elevate the performance of the students. The District Curriculum Advisory Council should involve parents, community members and board of education director. These people are very important in the district curriculum advisory council because they do the oversight and be able to improve the school performance.


Cappiello, M. A. (2016). Seeds of Freedom: The Peaceful Integration of Huntsville, Alabama. Language Arts, 94(1), 60.

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