Discuss the non-federal mitigation


Prepare a 1,000 word document on the non-federal mitigation. The assignment should cover key issues identified in the week's readings and incorporate current research on the topic. The assignment should focus on your community or a community of choice if you reside outside of the United States.

Remember to support your work with APA references and ensure the document complies with all APA formating. I encourage you to also use academic, peer-reviewed resources within your assignment.

Use the following articles as references, use at least 3 references and cite the quotaions.


The textbook for this course is: Islam & Ryan. (2015). Hazard Mitigation in Emergency Management. In addition, this course has peer reviewed journal articles, government documents. The reading materials are available in the Lessons Link under Required Reading and Resources.

Government Documents and Websites:

  • FEMA (2015). Hazard mitigation grant program.
  • Disaster Resistant Business Toolkit Workgroup (n.d.). DRB toolkit: Disaster resistant business.
  • FEMA (2016). HAZUS.
  • State of California (2016). State hazard mitigation plan.
  • National Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (2014). National Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster.

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Business Law and Ethics: Discuss the non-federal mitigation
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