Discuss should we implement a tax on soda

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Should We Implement a Tax on Soda?

More than a dozen states (and Chicago) tax soft drinks and certain snack foods. This generates about $1 billion per year -- but very little of this money is used to promote health. People who support taxation of unhealthy foods argue that the revenue that's generated could be applied to health care costs associated with obesity (similar to the tax on cigarettes being used for smoking-related health care costs). The opposing side contends that a food tax would hit poor Americans hardest and would not lower consumption of soda or soft drinks. They also stress that it is unfair to tax consumers who live in areas where healthier food options aren't as available or affordable. What's your position on this issue? To what degree should the government regulate food choices? Do you believe that imposing a tax would change behavior and reduce consumption of soft drinks? And, do you think that it's appropriate to tax other sweetened beverages or high-sugar foods? What about high-fat foods or trans-fat? Where do you draw the line? Remember to provide sufficient information and evidence to support your argument.

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