Discuss principles of marketing


ASSIGNMENT New Product Development & Branding

Please read Chapters 6 & 11from your text, then, complete the following. Submit your completed assignment here on ULearn. Assignments should be a minimum of two pages, not including this page of instructions, and completed in MLA format.

PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING 1. . Look up your brand on InfoScout and summarize the current target audience and trends.

2. Imagine that you are asked to develop a new product idea to serve a new target market (you decide upon the new target market, and how that segment is different from the existing market.)

3. How will you change your product to meet the needs of this new target market? What makes your product new? (Hint: see the section on categories of "newness").

4. Explain how the 4 P's will be adjusted in your new marketing plan for your new product.

5. What is your branding strategy? Choose and defend an appropriate strategy from Chapter 11.

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Marketing Management: Discuss principles of marketing
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